We (Roger Bygott, Elisa Artesero and I) created a Arts Festival, promoting North West artists. It ran over one weekend in the summer of 2015 (July 10th to 12th). The festival was based in the artists studio’s around Manchester, but also used a number of iconic locations, John Rylands Library, Manchester Craft and Design Centre … More Manifest

Art Photography

Photographing art as an artist raises issues. Are you simply documenting a work? It is possible, I do it, on occasion. But the temptation is to imbue the image. Considering I believe I enjoy photographing people more, it is interesting that most of the photographs that turn out as I intend them, are of art. … More Art Photography

Photography as Memory

Photography is a powerful medium. If we forget the manipulation prevalent in marketing, advertising and certain types of publication. And instead think of the types of photographs we take. We know we can produce images that people less than two hundred years ago, would class as miraculous. Images of our family and friends. Images that … More Photography as Memory

Site and Research

I am interested in history. Vaguely interested in myths. It is the traces of mankind that fascinate. The stones that have been placed. Walls, shelters, alters built. Everyone has a form of interest. Tourists flock to the likes of San Gimignano. Living in a city, this interest is an inheritance. The interest in people and … More Site and Research


I capture movement, particularly dance. Searching for a method that is reasonably representative,  aesthetically pleasing.   Gradually arriving at a form that works,  is unique. Rapidly sketching each moment as it evolves into memory. I am not drawing what I feel, not deliberately.  I draw what I see. The two are not easily dividable.   … More Dance


I, along with Roger Bygott and Elisa Artesero, have set up an organisation called Manifest, with the intention of running an Arts Festival promoting North West artists to coincide with the Manchester International Festival in July of 2015. We firmly believe that Art produced in the North West is on a level with Art produced … More MANIFEST

Double-edged sword

It is of course dangerous to extrapolate from a small handful of examples. The data are hopelessly unrepresentative, and conclusions tentative at best. But on occasion a few examples are all you have.  And they can be used to make a point. Technology is as much a part of our fiber as art. I am … More Double-edged sword